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Putting Photos in Evernote Without Instantly Killing Your Monthly Bandwidth Limit

Finally embracing Evernote, the ubiquitous file-storage, management, organizational, tagging too beloved by millions. Sometimes I’m slow to catch on, though I’ve had an account for years.

Evernote has free and paid versions. There isn’t a lot of difference between the two other than how much you can use it, and the way they measure usage is by your monthly bandwidth usage. Free accounts are given 60 Mb/month, paid accounts have 1 Gb. Neither sounds like particularly a lot for a 2012 bandwidth hog, but it turns out if you are only storing text this is basically an unlimited amount.

If you start adding photos on the other hand,well, 60 Mb can seem very small. I discovered this when I came across a brochure for an attraction I snapped a couple-or-three pics with my phone and oh so cleverly emailed them to Evernote, quickly discovering that I had used up about 25 Mb of my Evernote bandwidth for the month! Wow!

Obviously storing and tagging images is useful and desirable, but using such big pictures is not always good or necessary. Enter “the app store”. A quick search of the Google app store, oops, the Google PLAY store, turned up Reduce Photo Size! A free app which lets you resize any image stored on your phone, or even snap new pictures to resize. You can also do a few things like rotating and cropping. It works great and will produce pictures more more in line with my Evernote needs!.